NASA JPL composite image of Earth and Moon.
Today's Date:
February 24, 2018
Mass of Black Hole:
22.078 micrograms
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The Collapse of the Earth

All the while the Black Hole is growing, until it reaches 1% of the mass of the earth, it will have no effect on the structural integrity of the earth. It will absorb some of the "stuff" of the earth, but the earth contains so much "stuff" that very, very much of it can be taken away without making any difference.

While the Black Hole is still in the microgram range, it will absorb subatomic particles and atomic nuclei only by its own gravitational force. Its gravitational force is extremely concentrated, but still very small. In effect, it can absorb particles only if it happens to collide with them, or to pass within a subatomic gnat's whisker of them.

But the removal of an atom or two here and there will not affect the earth in the least.

Eventually, the Black Hole will weigh several kilograms, and then thousands of kilograms. At this point, it is leaving sizable voids in the earth. It is boring tunnels through the core of the earth. These tunnels will be only millimeters across, and the surrounding material of the earth will flow in to fill the empty space. However, the Black Hole will still be moving so fast that the material flowing in behind it will not have time to catch up with the Black Hole.

It is at this stage, when material from the liquid outer core of the earth is flowing into the tunnels in the solid inner core, that the Black Hole begins to disrupt the magnetic field of the earth, as described on the Warning Signs page.

When the Black Hole grows to a mass of several billions of kilograms, it will be removing several billions of kilograms of matter from the core of the earth each day. It is at this point that so much material has been removed from the earth that the upward pressure on the earth's mantle will be reduced enough that there will be no more volcanoes, as also described on the Warning Signs page.

At this point, the earth has actually begun to collapse, but it will take several more weeks until the final collapse.

When the Black Hole reaches a mass of 1 percent of the earth's entire mass, roughly 6 million billion billion kilograms, things change.

At this point, the Black Hole has slowed down to a near stop at the center of the earth. Now, all the material it absorbs leaves a void a vacuum within the earth which the surrounding material rushes in to fill. This material then comes under the gravitational pull of the Black Hole, and is immediately absorbed, so that more material will fall into the void, and so on.

This is a runaway collapse where the gravity of the earth itself is pushing more and more matter into the gravitational field of the Black Hole.

Within a matter of hours, the entire earth will have fallen into the Black Hole.

That includes YOU!

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