NASA JPL composite image of Earth and Moon.
Today's Date:
February 24, 2018
Mass of Black Hole:
22.078 micrograms
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The Earth Will Disappear on December 21, 2012

We have calculated that the Black Hole will cross the critical 25 microgram threshold on September 7, 2012. The earth will be swallowed up 105 days later, on December 21, 2012.

You've heard that before, or something very like it. Very many sources from very many different cultural traditions attach some apocalyptic significance to the year 2012, and often specifically to the Winter Solstice December 21 of that year.

And that is precisely the date we have calculated that the micro-Black Hole created in the Large Hadron Collider on September 19, 2008 will grow to the critical mass needed to swallow the entire planet.

Early in the day, there will be massive earthquakes. The core of the earth will be flowing rapidly into the Black Hole, leaving nothing to support the mantle of the earth. As the mantle begins to fall inward, the crust will crack and fold. The outer parts of the earth will be shrinking as the inner parts disappear into the Black Hole.

The crust and mantle will begin flowing inward at the points where they are weakest. This includes the seafloor spreading zones, such as those in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and the eastern Pacific Ocean, the continental rift zones, such as the one in East Africa, and the mantle hot-spots, such as the ones under the Hawaiian Islands and the Yellowstone Basin. Land near these places may be the first places to disappear.

Also, the waters of the oceans will flow into the voids. If you live near the sea, you just may live long enough to see the ocean disappear, and the dry land stretch from your nearby beach out to the distant horizon.

But very soon after that, all the land will fall into the nothingness at the center of the earth.

Probably nobody will fall through the Black Hole's event horizon alive. Everyone will be killed in the collapse of the buildings and the buckling of the land around them many minutes or even hours before their dead bodies are sucked into the Black Hole.

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