NASA JPL composite image of Earth and Moon.
  Earth is Being Destroyed Disclaimer  
Today's Date:
February 24, 2018
Mass of Black Hole:
22.078 micrograms
Compare to:



Do we actually believe this stuff? No, not a bit. We made it all up, and we know full well that we made it up.

A critical reader will notice many unfounded and unsupported statements in the main pages of this Web site, and several unjustifiable conclusions. Nevertheless, we stand firmly behind this entire Web site, because we have stated clearly (on this page) that it is a work of fiction.

There is only one statement on the main pages of this site which stands up in the light of Truth. We repeat that statement here to emphasize it:

Consider what kind of life you would like to have led - what kind of life you believe you ought to have led. Compare that to the kind of life you have actually led so far. Make any adjustments you must make now.

That is always good advice.

Other than that, the main content of this Web site is just an experiment in "viral media." We believe, and time will tell, that people will refer their friends and associates to this site, declaring the truth of it all, even though this site contains a statement (this page) that the main content is entirely fictitious.

What about that remarkable coincidence that our calculations show the black hole consuming the earth on precisely the same date that other "prophecies" declare as the end of the world? It is not a "remarkable coincidence" at all. We chose the factors and "assumptions" in our calculations with that end date in mind. Our calculations are completely contrived to arrive at that date.

Relax and enjoy the spectacle of those who want to believe the worst using a work of total fiction to support their claims of doom.

And if you want to play too, you are invited to advertise on this site. It's sure to get a lot of traffic.

We fully expect that on December 22, 2012, the sun will rise and the earth will continue and the latest generation of kooks will find some other ancient prophecy to hang their fears on.

But you should examine your life anyway, and change course if you need to. Today would be a good day for that

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