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February 24, 2018
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22.078 micrograms
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Post-Apocalyptic Update, 12/22/2012

No, we knew none of this was really happening. This Disclaimer Page has been here since day one, though many visitors to this site failed to notice it. (See the link at the bottom of each page?)

These "warning signs" didn't quite work out the way we hoped.

When we originally created this Web site in 2009, there had been some growing anomalies in the earth's magnetic field for quite a few years. It really looked like we were headed for a geomagnetic reversal in the near future. We assumed that this phenomenon would continue, and that we could point to news reports as "proof" that the earth was being destroyed. Unfortunately for us, the earth's magnetic field returned to normal (actually beginning before 2009), and the impending geomagnetic reversal disappeared from the news.

The prediction of a decline in volcanic activity was a pure gamble. We were hoping that maybe the extremely long-lasting Pu'u 'O'o eruption of Kilauea or the Erta Ale lava lake in Ethiopia would come to an end some time before the end of 2012, and we would point to these as further "proof." Alas, both of these events continue even now, each extending its own record as the longest phenomenon of its respective kind.

Below is the original content of this page. If you would like to use these domains for your own Web site (Earth being destroyed by real environmental degradation, climate change, or secret alien invasion), make us an offer.

Warning Signs

There will be very few warning signs of the growing monster within the earth. Until very late in 2012, there will be no signs at all. The dust-sized Black Hole will fall endlessly around the earth's center of mass, effectively in orbit within the outer core of the earth itself. And it will have no noticeable effect on the earth or anything else.

Some time during October, 2012, the Black Hole will begin to make its presence known, but only in the most obscure ways.

As its mass grows, it will begin disrupting the complex interaction between the liquid outer core and the solid inner core of the earth, an interaction which creates the earth's magnetic field. Navigators and scientists who study the earth's magnetic field will begin to report signs of a sudden and total collapse of the field some time in late October, 2012.

People will be concerned about that. The loss of our magnetic shield will leave the earth exposed to the full force of solar and galactic "winds" of radiation. This could have long-term effects on life and on human health.

That is, if there were going to be a long term. In fact, it won't matter. So when you read about it in the news, don't worry about it!

Another odd effect that nobody will attribute to the Black Hole is that in November and December of 2012, there will be no volcanic eruptions anywhere on earth. This is because the Black Hole, absorbing more and more material from the core of the earth, will relieve the upward pressure within the mantle that drives volcanoes. This phenomenon will probably not attract any attention at all. It will just be seen as part of the normal variation in volcanic activity sometimes we have volcanoes, and sometimes we don't.

But you will know, if you remember to check the news, that the lack of volcanic eruptions is your final warning.

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